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Professional Pool Table Installations in Stockton

Our team of expert technicians has been taking care of professional pool table installations for decades. We have the proper tools and years of experience with pool table installations to make sure we properly service your table. Contacts us to get your quote and schedule your service, we can usually get you taken care of within a week!

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Because of our time servicing pool tables in Stockton and surrounding areas, we have become experts in the pool table assembly side of the business. Our pool table installers service, installations and refelting are all covered for a risk-free experience for our clients.

What can we do for you?

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Our technicians are experts on pool table assembly and we can take care of your pool table needs if you want it professionally installed, leveled at the highest grade of accuracy and your pool table felt installed by experts. Our technicians will complete your pool table set up appointment and make any service adjustments needed that they observe until we make sure your pool table assembly is left in a state of perfection.

The situation may vary so be sure to let us know the specific details of your job as these can determine the price of the service. If you need us to carry the pool table upstairs we can handle that too.

On a side note, many people don’t know that the best time to get a pool table refelting job is during installation, so if you are considering moving or buying a pool table, check your options for new cloth when we assemble the pool table for you.

Why calling experts for your pool table setup?

If you want your pool table to be treated carefully and professionally serviced, then you need to hire professionals like us. Some don’t know but pool table assembly is technical in nature and should be done by a trained pool table installer.

Every pool table setup is guaranteed!

Since we are expert pool table movers we naturally have experience in the pool table assembly side of the business, our clients rely on us for expert-level pool table installations guaranteed for a full year in writing.

Performing a pool table setup unprofessionally can cause damages or injuries, for you and/or for your pool table.

Many people consider that performing a pool table setup is easy, they can ask a few friends and no harm would be done. The truth is, that in most of the cases, you will end up calling an expert because your pool table wasn’t properly leveled, refelted and even worst, a big percentage of these customers experienced an injury or harm on them and/or their pool table. This is some of the reasons why we urge you not to attempt to perform a pool table setup unprofessionally.

The other guy says he offers a pool table assembly guarantee too

We’ve had to meet and know the market among the 15 years of performing professional pool table moves, installations, and other pool table services. We have customers calling us to get their pool table assembly correctly installed, and now they had to pay twice.

Most of the cheap pool table installers will give you a low price and guarantee their work. Often that guarantee applies until the installer arrives at the appointment and it’s pretty much a fact that they will not answer or take responsibility if something goes wrong with the job.

Why do most installers say they “guarantee” your pool table assembly, then don’t?

After having over 15 years working with most of the installers in the country we know that this is a common problem that customers have to deal with while ordering a pool table assembly.

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Most complaints that we get from customers who were promised one of these guarantees for their pool table assembly is that the installer, in the end, blamed the customer for the problem rather than taking responsibility for it. And if you were giving your services away for the cheapest price that you could just to get the client, why would you either?

We kindly request you to take this information into consideration if you need your pool table to be successfully installed.

The Best Guaranteed Pool Table Installations

Our pool table setup is completely guaranteed

The standard guarantee in the industry covers a verbal statement from a stranger. We are the only company that can offer a risk-free pool table assembly with our proven and dedicated written guarantee from the ABIA. Many pool table installations can have problems and we understand that. Our goal is to give our clients the best pool table assembly service and guaranteed satisfaction available in the market today.

Prices for a professional pool table installation

The pricing on any pool table setup will depend upon a few circumstances.  If the table is in the room already, will there be stairs, what the table size is and if the new cloth is needed for refelting the table during installation?

Consider having the information we list below to have an accurate price:

Pool table setup done by professionals near you
  • Size of the billiard table you are calling about for your pool table setup appointment (1)
  • Are the pieces in the destination room or will we take it up or downstairs for the pool table assembly?
  • Is your cloth in good condition or would you like to change it?
  • Is this pool table a 3 piece or 1 piece slate?
  • Does the table have a drop pocket build or a ball return system?


(1) Know your pool table room size to avoid price fluctuation. Visit our pool table room size guide.

If you need us to bring the pool table upstairs, there may be an additional cost. 1 pc. slates we cannot guarantee we will move but check for possibilities depending on the situation.

We will also pick up the pool table from a storage facility or your on-site storage before we do the actual pool table installation for you.  Just let us know the details of your job.

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Your pool table installations are in good hands

ABIA Guaranteed pool table installations

For a quick pool table moving quote, give us a call or just email us!

If you use our services and feel that we did something incorrectly or that your table is becoming unlevel, we will come back out to fix the issue for a period of 12 months after service was performed, this is covered under a written guarantee issued by a national organization.